Empower your board to be amazing at fundraising.

Your board members care deeply about your organization. They're ready to do what it takes to help support it.


They are nervous and anxious and may not like fundraising at all. And they don't know where to start.

But they're willing to do it to achieve your mission.

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You want a board that fundraises.

They need training and support to do it.

The Board Fundraising Program gets them there.
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You need your board members to be talking with donors. The Board Fundraising Program gets them there.

Your board members will determine if your existing mid-level donors are prospective major donors by having strategic conversations with them. They maintain the relationship, sending regular (quarterly) communications letting those major donor prospects know what's going on. They thank donors personally when they give. 


When it's time for an ask, or when that major gift comes in, they will hand the relationship back to staff (unless you don't want them to).

This program will transform your board. Board members will think differently about their own networks and how to be an ambassador for your organization. And they will walk away with an internal culture of accountability. 

The done-for-you board fundraising program.

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I work with staff and the board chair to determine realistic fundraising expectations for board members.


I hold monthly coaching meetings with board members in accountability teams. I hold them accountable for their commitments and support them through challenges.


I work with staff to identify target donors for board outreach. Together, we create a systems for managing donor data and monthly donor communications.


Board accountability groups meet in between monthly coaching sessions to support each other and hold each other accountable.


I train your board on having a donor conversation, including role plays and all the language they need to get them going.


I meet with staff and the board chair every other month to check in and address any problems.

It takes commitment to get results.

I commit to...
  • working with staff to create systems that work for you and with your current capacity.

  • providing fundraising training that takes your board from anxious to excited. 

  • providing unparalleled coaching support for board members new to fundraising.

  • being your board's best cheerleader to stay on track with personal commitments, with just enough tough love if they are straying from the path.

You commit to...
  • creating and maintaining a donor tracking mechanism. 

  • filing donor contacts regularly where they can be viewed.

  • creating and distributing monthly communications opportunities board members can use with donors.

Your board commits to...
  • following through on their commitments. 

  • practicing and asking questions.

  • working with their accountability partners in our coaching sessions and in-between.

  • doing monthly outreach to donors.

Is your board ready?

The Board Fundraising Program is a transformational program for your board. You're ready to take your organization to the next level if...

  • you have an established individual donor fundraising program.

  • you have a minimum of 100 mid-level donors who do not today receive personalized communication from your organization.

  • your board has made a commitment to fundraise.

  • your board leadership is prepared to hold board members accountable for their fundraising commitment.

  • more than half of your board is ready to a fundraising program.

  • board members are willing to commit 3-5 hours per month to fundraising activities including meeting with donors and actively communicate with their assigned donors throughout the year. 

  • you are ready to invest in your board and their fundraising.

Palm Trees

Can you afford a program like this?

Not effectively engaging your board is already costing you.

It's costing you money.

You can't personally engage all of your donors who could become major donors. You need additional capacity to do that effectively. 

It's costing you donors.

Your board is your best lead on new donors for your organization. Do they know what they should be doing to bring them in? 


It's costing your organization its long-term sustainability.

One day, your current major donors will no longer give to your organization. If you don't have the capacity to build your major donor pipeline, your board should be that extra set of hands.

It's costing you a highly functioning organization.

When your board doesn't practice good governance (like doing its core responsibilities and practicing good governance) your whole organization suffers.

Join The Board Fundraising Pilot.

A 30% discount on the program
starting at $2,800 for the 6-month program.

In 2021, I am running a limited pilot of The Board Fundraising Program at a 30% discount to nonprofits who participate.

The cost of the program is dependent on how many board members participate. A majority of board members are required to participate in the program for an organization to qualify.
The pilot program requires the following additional commitments:

  1. Each board member completes ongoing surveys (at the beginning of the program, regularly throughout the program, and yearly after the program is completed for a minimum of two years) about their fundraising comfort level and activities.

  2. The organization will track the donors with whom board members work for a period of no less than 2 years to determine long-term revenue gains from the program.