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You need a fundraising program that brings in donors and dollars.

Your organization's fundraising program is stuck. You have individual donors, but you're losing them, losing gifts, and not sure what in your fundraising program needs to change. Maybe you never really had any structure to your donor program to begin with, and now you need one.


You don't have to build it alone.

I've been in your shoes and I get it.

I know what it's like to be a nonprofit leader with a fundraising program that isn't working, with no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. That's why I'm so passionate about helping nonprofit leaders like you build successful donor programs the bring in the money.

Structures, systems, and strategic relationships are my jam. Let me make them yours.

Frozen Berries

Growing a donor program that brings in money.

There are a lot of pieces to a successful donor program that shows your donors love and keeps them with you. One of those pieces is you. Not only will we create together a data driven strategy using best fundraising practices, putting in place the systems and structures you need to execute, but I will train you to create strategic donor relationships and coach you through every step.

And I'll do it all using the capacity you have today, prioritizing the work that will have the highest return for you.

I'm your new problem solving,

strategy building,

best-practice-loving work wife.

You bring your hopes and dreams for changing the world, your donor data, your questions, your challenges, and an open mind. Be ready to rethink your processes and write communications in a way that seems entirely awkward (but your donors will love it). 

I bring the experience of building donor systems and strategic donor relationships for organizations like yours. 

 With my mug of tea in hand, I come bearing the gifts of a tried and true teaching method that trains you how to work with your donors strategically and a safe space to practice, learn, and trouble shoot donor challenges. 

We both know your organization is unique. So are your challenges. I always wear my thinking cap (it looks like reading glasses on my head, but don't be fooled) to help you problem solve how to build a donor program using best practices that your organization can manage with your current capacity.

Building the capacity to raise more money, one pot of tea at a time.

Nonprofit leaders I work with feel more confident in their leadership and their fundraising when they know their donor program is designed to make their donors happy. 

They aren't spinning their wheels, trying to figure out how to bring in more money. They're doing it.

A pot of tea with a mug on a table in front of a window.

How we build it.

Tackling the big issues, 2 meetings a month.

Twice a month we will have scheduled meeting to tackle the big stuff. You'll walk away from our meetings with a to-do list to keep your momentum and donor program growing.

Document review between meetings.

You've got a lot on your plate, and this process will add more. I'm going to hold you accountable on implementing your strategy. But I'm also there whenever you need me to review documents and products you're developing along the way. You can expect to receive feedback within 48 hours. 

Oh boy, we've got a problem....

We're going to hit some road blocks along the way and some obstacles we didn't expect. You know what they say about the best laid plans....

To get our work done and stay on track, we may need to schedule in a few extra, 30 minutes sprint meetings in between our sessions. Maybe we need more time to dig through your data. Maybe you need a quick role play before a big donor meeting. If we need that little extra shot of time together, I'm all yours.

Our plan of attack.


We dig into the data and your database, which guides our strategy.


We strategize on how to keep your donors engaged throughout the year.


You get trained on building strategic donor relationships and coached along the way.


We create the plan for making strategic asks of your donors.


We build systems and products to make your donors feel appreciated and impactful when they give.


We build a strategy to build your donor pipeline for long-term sustainability.

Your organization is a special snowflake, with its own challenges and assets. When we work together, I build a customized strategy for our work that addresses your specific needs with your unique capacity. My plan will help you put the right systems and structures in place and train you to be a sophisticated fundraiser. 

So... what does all of this cost?

Right now, not building a data-based, best-practice-focused, proven donor program is costing you a lot...

  • Donors (because they stop giving).

  • Money (because it's walking out the door or you're leaving it on the table with the donors who do stick with you).

  • Impact (because without your donors and their generosity, you can't grow your programs to get it).

You can keep wringing your hands and throwing ideas into the void to see what works, hoping against hope that you'll stumble on the fundraising magic bullet that solves all your problems.

Build a donor program that works.

Invest in your donor program 

for $20,000 for a full, year-long fundraising cycle.

Or take it in smaller, bite-sized pieces for $5,000 for 3 months. (But we won't get to all the good stuff...)



"I always feel so much calmer after spending an hour with Megan. Things fall into order. I feel supported and validated and that is priceless."

Sarah Dooling, Executive Director

"As a new Executive Director, working with Megan has been invaluable. She has insightful feedback for every topic I throw her way, from staffing to HR to board development and governance to establishing organizational values. Working with Megan has given me confidence in my decision-making and has helped me navigate some tricky situations. And she's been an encouraging role model throughout. During my first six months as an ED, her support has been indispensable." 

Monica Manoski, Executive Director

Still wondering if we're right for each other? 

I’ve been an Executive Director of small nonprofits. I’ve been a board member of small nonprofits. I know what it’s like to build fundraising programs with too few hours, too few staff, and not enough expertise. 

I’ve also been a Major Gift Officer in a sophisticated fundraising shop and I’ve learned how to build effective donor strategies to raise big dollars. Now I apply that knowledge to smaller nonprofits like yours.

My unique experience—and my intimate understanding of all the other work on your plate—is your secret weapon to a donor program that brings in more money and works for you.

I love working with all kinds of small and medium-sized nonprofits. But if you run a policy or advocacy nonprofit, you're my people. I've spent two decades working in policy and political advocacy, and I understand the particular challenge of building excitement around and funding for work whose outcome you don't achieve for years (or decades!).

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