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The Fearless Board Fundraising Program

Empower your board to be amazing at fundraising

Your board members care deeply about your organization. They're ready to do what it takes to help support it.


But fundraising makes them anxious, and they don't have the skills to do it well. And you don't have the capacity to build out an entire program just to support your board to fundraise.

That's where the Fearless Board Fundraising Program can help. 

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What if....

I train, coach, and hold your board members accountable for their fundraising responsibility for you?

Let me get them fundraising like pros.
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I train your board how to build a philanthropic relationship with your donors. I work with your staff to create the systems that feed your board the right donors and the right communications (at the right times). I coach your board members and hold them accountable.

All while building an internal culture of accountability and philanthropy that your board can build off of long after I've gone.

The Done-For-You Fearless Board
Fundraising Program

(Just add Megan.)


I work with staff and the board chair to determine realistic fundraising expectations for board members.


I hold monthly coaching meetings with board members in accountability teams. I hold them accountable for their commitments and support them through challenges.


I work with staff to identify target donors for board outreach. Together, we create a systems for managing donor data and monthly donor communications.


Board accountability groups meet in between monthly coaching sessions to support each other and hold each other accountable.


I train your board on having a donor conversation, including role plays, practice, and all the language they need to get them going.


I meet with staff and the board chair every other month to check in and address any problems.

Is your board ready?

The Fearless Board Fundraising Program will transform your board into a fundraising board. This is the right program for your organization's board if...

  • you have an established individual donor fundraising program.

  • you have a minimum of 100 mid-level donors who do not today receive personalized communication from your organization.

  • your board has made a commitment to fundraise.

  • your board leadership is prepared to hold board members accountable for their fundraising commitment.

  • board members are willing to commit 3-5 hours per month to fundraising activities, including meeting with donors and actively communicating with their assigned donors throughout the year. 

  • you are ready to invest in your board and their fundraising.

Not Ready For Me to Step In?

Get the Fearless Board Fundraising Toolkits and do it yourself.

2 toolkits, 1 great program that gets your board fundraising like pros. But don't recreate the wheel! I've created the instructions, templates, models, and tips to get your staff and your board started. All with videos that walk you through each step of the program.

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