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Board Trainings

Empower your nonprofit board members to be amazing at their job.

Your board members care deeply about your organization.


But that doesn't mean that they understand their responsibilities as a board member or that they have developed the skills to fulfill the role well.

Online Meeting

Virtual Board Trainings, Designed Just for You

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I specialize in creating high-energy, engaging virtual trainings that help your board members both understand their role and practice skills to do it better.

I design board trainings to meet the specific needs of my clients. I can help you design a training—or a series of trainings—that builds on the great work your board is already doing and take your board to the next level.

You have a lot of expectations of your board.
Are they ready to meet them?

Your board plays a critical role in the success of your organization. They set the tone. They set the culture. They make decisions that impact every aspect of your organization.

Whether you need your board members to understand their core responsibilities or whether your board members need to build skills to do their job well, you need a training that builds the right foundation for your board members to learn and grow.


You need help to make them amazing at this job. And properly training them is the first step.

Palm Trees

Can you afford to train your board?

Can you afford not to bring in a trainer?

The difference an outside expert makes.

Bringing in an expert—someone from outside of your organization—can have a powerful effect on your board. ​Sometimes your board needs to hear from a third party expert in order to develop expertise, build skill, and understand how to do this job well. 

Engaging your board to think differently.

Your board members come to the table with passion and skillsets that you value. But they don't always come to the table with the skill and expertise they need to fulfill this role and it's specific responsibilities. 

And sometimes these new responsibilities are daunting or scary.

I develop board trainings that will educate your board, shift their mindset to excite them about their responsibilities, and build skills to help them overcome whatever their barriers are to doing the job of overseeing your organization. 

Building a fundraising board.

One of the biggest challenges your organization faces is building a board that fundraises. I have developed powerful trainings that get your board comfortable with having that donor conversation and thinking about how to be a good ambassador for your organization.

Pair my board training with the Fearless Board Fundraising Program and watch your board transform into a fundraising board.

Board Trainings

Starting at $1,000 for a 90-minute training
  • Each 90-minute, virtual board training costs $1,000.

  • Preparation for each training costs $100 per hour (quotes given at the time of booking).

  • Established trainings, like the Fearless Board Fundraising Program Stress-Free Donor Conversations Training, cost $1,100.

  • Trainings can be available during evening or weekends.

  • All trainings are virtual.

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