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I love hearing from you!

I'm not taking new clients at this time, but if you'd like to sign up for my newsletter, click the link below!

I might save us an email.

You may be wondering....

Can I help you with events?

No. And you don't want my help, either. Trust me.

How about grants?

Nope, not that either. 

Can you write our direct mail? Email fundraising?
Social media posts?

No, no, and no. But I can provide you with feedback, edits, and suggestions on your copy that will help it conform with best practice and bring in more money.

My organization is new and we don't have donors. Can you help?

I can help you think through who potential donors might be, how to acquire them, and mapping relationships your organization already has. I can help you identify people in your community who are philanthropic and give to like organizations, and we can work through strategies to network into a relationship with them. And I can help you build the systems and strategies you need to build a successful donor program.

If you're looking for me to hand you donors, however, I can't do that for you.

Growing a donor program takes a lot of leg work, dedication, and time. I can help you build it right. But I don't have a magic wand.

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