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Your board can be so much more impactful.

Your board members care deeply about your organization. But you're frustrated because you’ve been asking them over and over again to fundraise, only to be met with silence.

That's where the Fearless Board Fundraising Program can help.


I've been there.

We have passion in common.


I’ve been an Executive Director of small nonprofits, struggling to get my board to fundraise. And I've been a board member of grassroots organizations struggling to understand how I could fit into my organization's fundraising program. 

My passion is helping smaller nonprofits doing amazing work to be able to do more of that amazing work. Your board and I share that.

You don't have the capacity to build out a board fundraising program.

Your board knows it needs to fundraise. And they're ready to go... if they had a little bit of training and coaching and clear tasks to do. 

You have a donor fundraising program that's in good shape. You have structures and systems in place. You have donors who give each year. But you need more capacity, more hands on deck, more people to help you build a donor pipeline. 

Managing each individual board member and their fundraising preferences, holding them accountable, doing the hand holding and nudging when they need it.... It's the last thing on your to-do list. 

What if....

I train, coach, and manage
your board fundraising for you.

It's just crazy enough to work. 

I train your board on engaging with your existing donors. I work with your staff to create the system that feeds your board the right donors and the right communications (at the right times). I coach your board and hold them accountable.​

All while building an internal culture of accountability that your board can build on long after I've gone.

Your board and I do the heavy lifting.

I step in and take board fundraising off your plate. (You're welcome!) And together, your board and I...

  • Increase revenue from existing individual donors. 

  • Increase the number of donors in your major donor pool over time.

  • Build a culture of fundraising and accountability within the board, making continuing the program less onerous for staff.

All so I can leave behind a board fundraising system that works for you long after I've gone.

What it looks like.


Your board gets a board-wide training on how to have successful conversations with donors. Everyone gets the tools they need to become comfortable with having a donor conversation.

Building Systems

Your staff work with me to identify the right mid-level donors to target for board outreach. We develop a workflow for the program that staff can easily manage, throughout the program and beyond.

Coaching & Accountability

Your board works in accountability pairs, coached by me, each month to set commitments, monitor progress, and support each other through challenges. 

Megan put us at ease, helped us practice pitches, and gave constructive feedback. She actually made me excited to get out there and start making calls again. I'm not sure what her secret sauce is, but, trust me, you'll want it.

- Andrea Ranger, Board Member
Mass Climate Action Network

[Megan's] training for the board on fundraising was useful to beginners and those of us who had some fundraising experience. She is very skilled working with a group and all of our board found her approachable and effective. I highly recommend her as a consultant for non-profit board training and consulting.

- Ellen Bruce, Board Chair
Sitters for Scholars

Join The Board Fundraising Program.

Not effectively engaging your board is already costing you.
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